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異国地で髪を切ると。in Singapore|2023/1/30 日記



Cutting and thinning out my hair in foreign country…

Today, I cut and thinned out my hair in foreign country for the first time. Recently, I have thought it’s about time to cut my hair and went to a reasonable barber shop like “QB-house” in Japan. Although it was only 12 SGD, the customer experience was so good. The man who cut my hair cut talked with me friendly and treat me with good care. It was not only hair cut but also vacuuming lots of stuff which come off it. You can go somewhere without take a shower after that. Then, even though most stores and restaurants in Singapore sold lots of items or foods for high prices without much enough customer experience, I thought the barber gave better service than the price. I definitely will go there next time.

Regarding the important thing about my hairstyle, it’s a little funny. the hair on the side of the head look like floating. Aside from that, it’s ok. Go there and make sure here if you want to need your hair cut in Singapore. I’ll let you know the best time to visit there.






like…(famous JPN character)


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