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スタイル変更|2023/3/7 日記



Changing the journal style

Based on learning so far and my present situation, I made a decision to change my journal style.

I got a new task what I have to write some scripts in English as much as before journal that I have written until yesterday. It’s not related with my school. But, if I write it on this website, some problems for persons who related with me should happen, so I won’t write it. Furthermore, I will increase the time for improving speaking, listening, vocabulary and reading instead of the time keeping a journal.

I will write about one thing and share one article with you from tomorrow. In spite of thinking, I also want to write diary like before. Then, I try to do below.

  1. Writing a few sentences that I never want to forget
  2. Sharing one article that I read morning/evening
  3. Writing about a day with a few sentences in Japanese

These works should make keeping a journal easier for me.




  1. 絶対に忘れたくない文章を書き込む
  2. 朝・晩に読む1つの記事の共有
  3. 日本語で1日のことを書く




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