The best shot in March|2023/4/22 日記

「The best shot in March|2023/4/22 日記」のアイキャッチ画像


The best shot in March

Finally, I have finished studying for the exam and have obtained the 4th level certifications that are necessary for my career. It also means I don’t need to read  documents and specifications written in Japanese anymore until restarting job. Actually, the exam was held in English as well, but I chose Japanese version because I didn’t want to fail it which costed S$120 just to take a test. And, studying it in Japanese made short the studying term. As result, my choice was correct.

Anyway, I’m keeping a diary in English for the first time in one and half month. I notice about that I didn’t feed back FY22 before April 1st. To be honest, I want to write about it but it’s impossible because I need to get used to write long sentence in English. I mean I need to rehabilitate writing and converting structure of English. Today, I will put one picture on this page as the best shot in March and finish this diary.






高いシンガポールの酒税に懲り懲りした友人がショッピングモールの検索モニターに書いた検索キーワードがジワリました。(My friend typed these keywords  into the search box at the shopping mall because alcohol tax in Singapore has made him get really hot under the collar.)


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