過去一興味深い授業|Extremely fascinating class so far|2023/5/3 日記

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Four months have passed since I came to Singapore. Recently, I feel exhausted by my current class is getting harder than before. And also, it provides me with many opportunities to speak some opinions and thinking. But I can’t think about every subject like music, history, art, film, because I’m not as familiar with these things as other students. Actually, they are more cultured persons than me. However, it was my turn to think deeply and excitingly in today’s lesson.

“ChatGPT should be allowed in school. Agree or Disagree?”

We held a debate about this topic. Before did that, we separated each by our own opinion. Even though most of them disagreed with this suggestion, I chose on agreeing side. It was so fascinating for me is belong in AI tech company.

In my opinion, this technological evolution offers no worse effect on students than they think, I guess. it brings them to convert from Googling to ChatGPT. I mean that is just changing process. For example, if you have to make a presentation, you could bring some evidence from Google. If that convert to ChatGPT, the process could not change. But, the process would be more quickly and more convenient than Googling. Even though ChatGPT is not able to speech, we have to speech by ourselves. that is not only something preparing but also other things students do, as long as the service still keep the function. If the topic is human robot or any AI engine/service, I will rise another answer. As long as this topic is that, I would keep this opinion.

A decade ago, some people said, “Don’t Google everything”. However, for now, some of them are not able to live without it. In short, that actually became a common habit. In AI industry, we use “Digital Nature” when we explain about benefit of AI. That is NATURE like using a calculator when people want to know some amount, using a keyboard when people want to type word without writing. I understand what people are afraid the revolution say. But, Unfortunately, our AI tech intend to provide them with superb things which can change better and future. Furthermore, some of them who are belong in creative territory maybe think that the effect related to just simple working such as writer, account, but actual thing is different. Since including these territory, which is necessary to use human feeling and ability, into our territory can gain much money than including simple working into that, we try to do that.

Recently, I’m enjoying to see article and news about new service which is related to chatGPT or some AI engine. If there were not working that human have to, I would enjoy something hobby like noble in slave society. That is the same as it, isn’t it??






一昔前、「なんでもかんでもググるな」という人がいた。しかし、今のところ、それなしでは生きていけないという人もいる。つまり、それが実際に一般的な習慣になったのです。AI業界では、AIの利点を説明するときに「Digital Nature」という言葉を使うことがあります。それは、計算したいときに電卓を使うように、文字を書かずに文字を入力したいときにキーボードを使うように、自然なことなのです。人々が革命を恐れていることは理解できます。しかし、残念ながら、私たちのAI技術は、より良く、より未来を変えることができる優れたものを提供するつもりです。さらに、クリエイティブな領域に属する人たちの中には、ライターやアカウントといった単純な仕事に効果があると考える人もいるかもしれませんが、実際は違います。人間の感覚や能力が必要なこれらの領域を我々の領域に含めることで、単純作業よりも大きな利益を得ることができるため、我々はそれを目指しています。