How come me be in AI ?

「How come me be in AI ?」のアイキャッチ画像


As you know, Chat GPT, Open AI is getting better and smarter day by day in order to generate documents, images, and charts. Furthermore, it’s able to combine with technologies like recognizing voice and OCR. I assure you that artificial intelligence is supposed to make us lose our jobs in a few years. We are not able to escape from that.

Anyway, I work for an AI company and serve as a salesperson who provides technology and specific services built with GPT, regardless of our customers’ business and whether they are domestic or international. I’m struggling with the “red ocean” situation, actually, because many companies are trying to develop the same services as ours. In such a situation, I have to organize the department to perform well and occasionally create a marketing strategy, even though I haven’t done it before. I don’t mean that I’m a super businessperson, especially considering that I’m only 26. However, this year is shaping up to be the most impressive and significant term in my career.

By the way, I need to remember why I’m in AI and what I want to achieve. It’s supposed to be a long story, but I’ll write it down this time.

Regarding my background, I was born and raised in a small town with four family members: my father, mother, and older sister. My mom is familiar with Japanese culture, such as tea, flower arrangement, and calligraphy. I believe she greatly influenced my identity and cultural learning. My dad worked as a firefighter before I was born. I’m proud of him for going to work in the morning and coming back home 24 hours later every single day, regardless of Christmas and New Year’s Day. Due to his job, he couldn’t attend my crucial baseball games or be at home on those special days. I realized that the time spent with him and my family was precious, even though I was too young to fully understand it. It doesn’t matter as long as he chose this job himself, and it’s a source of pride. Even now, he continues to work in the same profession.

When I became an adult and had to apply for jobs, I reflected on my background. “In my case, I couldn’t meet and talk with him every single day because of his job style. But some dads can’t meet and hang out with their own children, just like my case, despite not working around the clock. This country’s working style is so peculiar; they have to do too much.” How can I solve this problem for them? I wanted them to make time for their own children and take some rest. Based on that, I decided to dedicate my career to working for them. At the beginning of my career, I worked at an airline company for a year and a half to make their operations more efficient. Then, I worked as a PMO in the consulting industry. Currently, I’m with an AI company, where I aim to make a difference in every industry by providing a proudful service. I believe I’m doing well with the experiences and skills I acquired while learning about AI and deep learning during my university years.

I want to make operations more efficient and provide people with time to spend with their loved ones through our company’s services. I’m serious about this.

I’m not sure what the future holds, especially a few months from now. AI technology may indeed become more advanced and potentially replace some jobs, such as writers, designers, and accountants. That is a source of concern for everyone. However, as long as we focus on making time more efficient, it remains essential according to my background and vision. What lies ahead? How should we navigate this situation? What will it bring us? Time? Money? Lack of creativity? Lack of conversation? Loss of human touch? Who knows!

And to all the dads out there, remember to stop working on your days off! including m…..

catch you later 🙂