chatGPTはサイト外で簡単に適応できる|2023/3/6 日記

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Knowing chatGPT is enable to decrease a reduce waste of time

As you know, it’s so important to use technology for effective working today. 15 years ago, since iPhone was appeared to people in the world from Steve Jobs’s pocket, some technologies and devices including iPhone have helped their life more effortless than before. In my opinion, even though technology has already helped people, almost all of them haven’t used it proactively. I think that they just use given technologies and gadgets. 

Recently, many people are interested in chatGPT and some companies adapt the API to their own product such as Yabble, Waymark and Inworld. Then, most consumers tend to realize that the API is for only developer to create and improve some products. And, they stop making sure more information about it at that time. But, it makes them lose opportunities to use an effective technology proactively. 

Of course, some APIs are hard for consumers to use but a few of them is simple to use with some extension tools. Now, I’m creating a list which is needed to work with colleague by Google Spreadsheet. It’s so hard to create it because of large number of columns and rows. Then, I actually tried to script some function by using the API at some sells without actual web research. Using these and Adapting a extension tools were easy for me who see some programs for the first time in 1 to 2 years. I thought that someone who never use some APIs might also be able to use it like me. Some technologies have got easier and more useful  so much today. So don’t be afraid to close to these. It might bring you easy working.







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